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Dec 30, Coupons in the News has released the Coupon Insert Schedule and 6/7/ 15 SmartSource, RedPlum. 6/14/15 SmartSource, RedPlum.

Was Amazon not listed on the MyMove site? Dan : I did select..

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I did a temporary NY- NY move. Anonymous : Did you verify the email you got from them? I confirmed it about an hour ago and still no emails? It seems that the issue last night was that I did it from a mobile device, using the mobile site. It needed to be done from the regular site. I also got the Home Depot coupon emailed to me, it came the next morning. How do i activate the amazon coupon on my account?

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Thanks, Dan, for always finding great deals. PRR60 : I agree. Mendel I did the same as you. Thanks Dan and Mendel!! Jack : Where in CA. Did move from NY to NJ. Instead taken to a page where I was asked to update voting information. No way not to fill this out even though not eligible to vote. Was the prompt to get MyMove coupons after the voter registration? I changed my address from my old to my current, got the coupons etc.. David : Cause they sell your address to junk mailers. Ends Today! Hide expired deals Use legacy view. Advertiser Disclosure.

Shopping Deals Amazon Coupons. Notify of new replies to this comment. December 12, pm. Just watch The new guy. Hi I just changed my address in post office a week ago. Can I still do this or is it too late. I wonder if you can get these at the post office now? I got all of them when we moved 5 months ago, the Amazon one is great. We moved within NY. What am I missing? Why would USPS reward people for changing their address? From the website. Does not seem Kosher.

Thanks Dan! Cool story bro! Those all expire in a few hours or a few days. Thanks Dan. Aaron : oh please. Just stop. Moving from NY to NY.. Waited 2 hours.

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No amazon coupon!! December 13, am.

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Do you need to register to vote before you get the additional coupons from mymove? Mike B. SM : An hour. Xodus : Read the post. I just canceled the one from last night and did it again. Brooklyn to Brooklyn.. December 13, pm. Mendel, same thing happened to me.

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Thank you for providing such a helpful comment. ShmuliT What zip codes? Did that and it worked. Sidebar Sidebar.

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Forums Shopping Hot Deals and Giveaways. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Mar 14, 0 0. Jun 9, 0 0. Sounds like a pretty good deal, and an even better practical joke! RDMustang1 Diamond Member. Feb 7, 4, 0 I could be WAY off base but I think that's where we got ours.

It also includes a change of address form. Yeah, you can't change addy online unless you use a credit card that matches A the new address or B your old address - so it is relatively "practical joke" free. You would find it easier to do it via the physical forms at the post office instead. Nov 15, 0 0.

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Let me tell you that filling out the online form is NOT your best bet sometimes. When I moved down a few blocks to a new apartment, the mailman locally didn't even get the change of address, because it was on the same route I tried it twice with no results on different moves, one out of the area. It will NOT catch local mail ie from your landlord to yourselves. Nov 5, 5, 0 0 www. I highly recommend doing this online Mar 20, 9, 0 0 www. Thanks for reminding me to do this! Deal keeps getting better! Sep 26, 0 I'd consider it a hot deal just to get my mail after I last moved - the post office wrote "vacant" on my box and returned all of my mail - it took a 3rd change of address to get it to stick!

Maybe I should ask Lowes, etc for a coupon the second time around Oct 9, 1, 0